Friday, August 19, 2011

What a whirlwind!

It's hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago we were in Chicago!  We love going to Chicago and visiting with Chris' grandparents and hitting all the hot spots.  This was my first boarding pass with Sarah Griesemer!
We first started off at White Castle...this a burger chain known for their sliders.  Chris didn't take me last summer, so I insisted we go this summer! I wish I could say it's a place I would like to go back too...but not so much.  
Since Chicago is all about it's deep dish pizza...we went to Uno's. It's absolutely insane how filling these pizzas  make you. Also, as a side note, Chris saw one of his previous students from his school in Denver at this restaurant.  What a small small world. 
Next, we got on a train and headed to downtown Chicago for the day.  
Once we got downtown, we ate at the first place we saw.  I can't remember the name, wish I could, but they had some of the BEST burgers ever.  
We then headed straight for the Sears Tower (Willis Tower now.....).  We waited over an hour in line to get to the top, but it was worth it!
At the top

Standing in the glass box that hangs out from the top
of the tower..SCARY
We then headed over to Wrigley Field where we got free Cubs hats! Unfortunately, the game was rained out....but we got to our seats and got to experience it a little bit.

We also tried out the Weber Grill restaurant...this was located right by our hotel .  We had to go!
Two days after our Chicago trip, we officially moved down to Waco and into our new house!!! We had a busy busy few days before our first day of in-service.  We currently are still living out of some boxes, but hopefully this weekend we can tackle a few more.  We are in love with the house, what a blessing it is! 

This week of in-service was definitely a new experience, it had its ups and downs...but I'm feeling good about the first day of school this Monday.  Here are a few pictures of my room. 
Each period gets a section of the wall for student work etc.

My desk area...ignore the mess on the ground...
a ceiling tile fell through from a water leak! Ek!