Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Well last night Chris and I went to our first Sunday school social, which included meeting couples, eating yummy chili and carving pumpkins.  I must say...I could never let 10 + couples carve pumpkins IN my house! No way! But I am very thankful that Amanda & Erik (the hosts) opened their home to pumpkin guts and seeds.  :)

Here are some 'in-progress' pumpkin carving shots:
about to dig in!

reppin' area code 303 (Denver, CO)

The start of my happy pumpkin
Once everyone was done carving, we lined up all the finished master pieces outside for a photo op.
I've never seen so many! 
A close up on ours.
We really had a great time and are starting to feel a part of the group!

On another note, we are looking forward to seeing Chris' parents this week!! They are flying in Thursday and staying until Monday.  It sure is great to see family!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally Fall!

This past weekend, Gran, Mom, and Aunt Robin came down to Waco for our annual trip to Salado! We all look forward to this weekend all year long :) They came down on Friday and we started the shopping weekend off strong.  First hit up Spice...this is a Waco must.  Then we met Chris at Schmaltz's and quickly got back to shopping.  Dillards was next, it was perfect timing because they were having an addition 40% off all sale items! Woo! We spent all day Saturday in Salado and got some great stuff.  This trip was extra special for me...because I have a house to decorate for the first time!! YAY! 

After church on Sunday, Chris and I went to the PUMPKIN PATCH! I've been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks... It was hard for me to pass by pumpkins at HEB just sitting there waiting for me to buy them.  BUT that ruins all the fun.  All throughout high school, I volunteered at the Rockwall Pumpkin Patch and think it is so much fun to go pick out your pumpkins.  Any who, we got a few big pumpkins and a lot of small ones.  I just love the tiny ones.  
Isn't my husband handsome??!

The TINY pumpkins!!

Told ya, I love them :)

And candy corn!