Thursday, November 10, 2011

I must catch you up!

Well as's been a while!

To begin, I must show off my husband for a second...

Every time we come back from the grocery store, he insists on  carrying in ALL the grocery sacks at once! I don't know if this is a 'man thing' or a 'Chris thing' but he loves the challenge. Hey, I love it...means less trips for me!
I caught him in action!
My next quick topic will be Halloween! I was super excited to spend our first Halloween in our new house! I had no idea how many trick-or-treaters to obviously I bought a lot of candy! Well come to find out....we only had 13-15 trick-or-treaters, whomp whomp.  Oh well more candy for us! I also want to share this cute picture that I received from my mom.
My brother was Waldo! So cute :)
Alright moving on...
Chris and I drove up to Burleson on a Tuesday night to support out Lady Trojan volleyball team in the first round of playoffs.  This was their FIRST time in history to make play-offs! GO TROJANS!
#7 was a student of mine last year!

The next subject is BAYLOR HOMECOMING!
This picture is of Caroline and I at the bonfire....I've sure missed her! Haven't seen her since the wedding.
After a late night at the bonfire, it was time for the early morning parade! We decided to bring Mick and it was such a great idea.  He is loved by so many!

He was Baylor-ed out!
All bundled up! 
After the parade, we had lunch at Papa Rollo's with my dad and then went to Pigskin.  It was entertaining, as always! Then we sprinted over the Floyd Casey for a lil tailgatin'.  We hit up the ATO tailgate and then over to the alumni association tailgate (aka where to get free food).  So I had to share this with yall...just in case you wanted to steal our idea.  Anyway, you know how a bottle of water is $4 at the football game, well just do as we did and bring in your own! This is a soft camping style seat that rolls up and we stuffed two water bottles down the middle! It was a wonderful idea ;)

Alright moving on...last topic for today!
This past Tuesday night...we drove to Whitney! We decided to jump on some dining room furniture on craigslist!! We got a Thomasville dinning room table & leaf, 8 chairs and buffet for a great price! It is in great shape...hardly looks used! I can't wait to start decorating this room!!