Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where to begin?!

Well helllllllo there blogging world!  I've finally had a chance to sit down and write something on here :)

Chris and I have been sooo busy, I can't remember the last time we just sat and did nothing productive (let me rephrase- I can't remember the last time I sat and did nothing productive haha! Love you Chris)

We are coming up on the 6th week of that's insane! The past 5 weeks has had its ups and downs.  I have some REALLY great and wonderful students and then...I have some students that I DO NOT understand for the life of me!!! Logical thinking does not make sense for these students.  On Wednesday, we are giving our 6 week test and I will be prepping them to take it seriously and try their best. I know they can do it!

On another note, Chris and I stumbled across the TV show "Beyond Scared Straight" on A&E (Beyond Scared Straight Preview).  This is a very fascinating show and to see the changes that these teens make after going through this program is AMAZING.

Yesterday, Chris and I took Mick to the Waco Puppy Plunge. I don't think I've seen Mick so HAPPY before!

He loved the water and mingling with other dogs

We had one tired and wet pup on the way home.

Well that's about all the fun and excitement so far at the Griesemer household! Hopefully, I'll be able to update more regularly :)