Sunday, July 31, 2011

God's Many Blessings

Before getting started with the blog, I wanted to share some wedding photos! We waited patiently for them and couldn't wait to re-live the day.  Here are a few of my favorites:
These people mean so much to us.

Over the past week, Chris had his orientation for UHS and we both had "Ruby Payne" training for two days.I never imagined being able to go to professional development with my husband! How lucky we are to get to teach at the same school :) God works wonders! Since we had so many things to do in Waco, we stayed at Shawn & Ashley's house Monday thru Thursday. It was a delight to spend time and get to know better my nieces and nephews. Jackie, Chris' mom, was also in town and it is always wonderful to see her bright and smiling face.  
Samuel (Left) & Benjamin (Right)

Annie was my hair stylist :)
Once we were done with all the training on Thursday, we drove back to Rockwall....Mick was missing us BIG time.  We've had a few days to chillax, wash clothes, and run errands. Once we get moved into the house in Waco, we are going to need a washer & dryer and a fridge.  Boy, these things are not cheap! 
I really really want RED ones! 
Last night, Mom, Danny, Daniel, Chris and I went to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse...let me just say, this is the BEST steakhouse EVER. This is our fifth annual trip--We usually always go in August right before everyone starts school and to celebrate Danny and Daniel's birthdays.  Chris said he had the best steak he has ever eaten last night.  If you ever need a place to go for a special occasion...I fully suggest Pappas. 

Inside this tiny box are chocolate truffles,
just for the ladies at the table. 

This next week, we are headed back to Waco.  I have a 5 day math training at Baylor...I must say it will be weird going back into the Math Lab as a teacher and not a Baylor student.  

Until next time,


  1. Congratulations on the new jobs and the big move coming up!

  2. Fun pictures! I loved being able to share last week with you & Chris at Shawn's house.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in just a few days.
    much love