Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update: Fun Things

Well since Chris just wrote an outstanding blog about our move and some of the less fun things we have been up to lately... I thought I'd update yall on the more fun things we've squeezed in during the past week or so.

We first went to a grand opening for a Chipotle (Chris' favorite) and were 2 of the first 100 costumers, so we got free water bottles, stickers, and coupons for free burritos.

When July 4th weekend rolled around, we were soooo busy with packing and cleaning the house before the closing on the 6th.  What an exhausting process! We did, however, have time to go over to Chris' parents for a July 4th cookout and swim gathering.  We had delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats that Tom (Chris' dad grilled) and tons of sugary sweets that Jackie prepared.  Chris and I loved her cupcakes! 
Later that night, we met up with Aknight at Govnr's Park for dinner and chatted until the mornin' time. Getting together with Aknight has been an all time favorite of mine... I may not add much to the conversation or understand half the stuff they talk about (it's all in code), but I sure do enjoy it.  The picture to the left is indescribable....but it definitely sums up the night. (I don't think he knows I took this picture.)
We also went and saw fireworks from Daniel's Park; we were able to see almost all the fireworks that were going off all across Denver. It was amazing and definitely a good spot.  The 3rd member of our family, however, doesn't care so much for fireworks. Mick needed a little TLC that night....
The night before the closing, Chris and I went and saw Top Gun at Red Rocks amphitheater.  This was one of our favorite dates, even though it drizzled on us a little bit. 

The Monkees
The next day, we had our closing which went very well and went to trivia that night with Hank.  They all knew that Chris was moving to Texas the next day, so they had a great farewell for him.  The quiz master got us bananas, a 5 hour energy, and a hamburger cake....kinda odd, but this is what trivia is all about.  Chris and Hank's team name where the Monkees (that's the reason for the bananas).

And last but not least, we went to Adam and Mallory's wedding (once we got to Texas).  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at the Dallas Arboretum. It was very fun to see friends that we hadn't seen since the wedding, especially Nathan and Molly! We will get them to move to of these days. :) 

That's all for now! Tomorrow I have my first teacher orientation in Waco...should be fun!



  1. GREAT PICS and write up.
    Love seeing how much fun you both have together!
    Makes me smile :) :)
    J & T

  2. Love reading about your fun times! The outdoor movie looks like it was lots of fun! I'm going to one on Saturday!