Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrating Our Marriage!

So, we took a lot of pictures (and don't worry, I will share them with you) but I wanted to start with this one....this was our view from our room in the Belligio...jaw dropping..

Ok, to continue....we flew in on June 4th our anniversary and had reservations at Delmonico in the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it--thanks to Sarah Scott for recommending it to us :)

The next day, we got up and went to Serendipity 3 in Caesars Palace....oh my it was AMAZING!
The item we had to try was the 'Frozen Hot Chocolate', they had a regular and a double....we decided to go with the regular, and look at the size...
 Then we ordered the 'French Toast Log'...that's right LOG, thankfully we were smart enough to split it.
left to right: potatoes, eggs, syrup, whipped cream, berries
Underneath: French Toast Log
After our tummy's were stuffed, we decided to walk it off and went into every hotel/casino. Here are a few pics.
Our lovely hotel: Bellagio

Caesars Palace

Sports Betting

The Cosmopolitan

Monte Carlo

We also went into the M&M's store....oh my goodness over-whelming!
Not sure if you are familiar with Man vs. Food on the Food Network, but the show visits different restaurants and one that it visited in Vegas was Hash House A Go Go.  Sooooo we had to go!

Yep, Chicken and Waffles were calling our name!
Stacked high with a knife holding it up.

We also did the gondola ride in the Venetian Hotel...not quite like the gondola ride in Venice, but was very special doing it with my hubby! 

The next little adventure was going to the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop! This place was not close to the Strip, the best way to get there was by bus (our feet were worn outttt).  Right when we got there, they had kicked everyone out to do 40 minutes of filming.  I guess someone brought in a "TV worthy" item.  So we waited in a long line in the middle of the day in the desert!! It was toasty! Finally, they were done filming and we were able to go in a look around.  None of the actual pawn star dudes are out and about, but it was cool to see the place!

 We also went to two shows.  One was called Vegas (a variety show) and "O" Cirque du Soleil. They were both good... "O" was outstanding! Here are some pictures.

Hope you enjoyed a brief summary of our trip!! Our next trip is to Chicago to visit Chris' grandmother--we are both looking forward to it!!



  1. This trip looked like a BLAST!!!! that first picture is breath-taking!

  2. Great to catch up with your adventures in Vegas. Sounds like you both had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing the "good times" with us!! See ya soon in Chicago!!