Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chicago/South Padre/July 4th


Chris' Gram.  We love her!
 After we got back from our Vegas trip, we had about a week at home before jetting off to Chicago!

This is my third time to go with Chris to Chicago over the summer to visit family.  This trip we focused on visiting new places.  In previous trips, we went downtown, did the river tour, went to a Cubs game, and the top of Willis/Sears this trip we opted out of these "tourist" activities.

In the backyard of the House in Lake Geneva.
Instead, we drove up to Lake Geneva (about 1.5 hours from Chicago) where Chris' grandparents owned a lake house.  Since I've known Chris, he has always talked about all the good times spent at the lake house--so he wanted to show it to me! It was wonderful getting to see the place he made so many wonderful memories.

The next stop was visiting Northwestern University.  We enjoyed the little town that was close by..just lovely! The campus was very beautiful, much like Baylor--except Northwestern is surrounded by million dollar houses and as we all know...Baylor is not!

At Smoque! BEST BBQ
We visited a few new restaurants: Gino's East (pizza), Gibson's Steakhouse, and Smoque (best brisket we've ever had) to name a few.  Yummy!


After the Chicago trip, we had about another week at home and then it was off to the beach!

As we were entering the island of South Padre, a gulf storm decided to unleash.  It was raining so hard, it seemed as if the island was going to sink.  Our biggest worry was...will it rain the whole time we are here?? Thank goodness the rain disappeared, although the clouds hung around.

We spend two nights there with Cayla, Christy and a friend of Christy's.  I had never been to Padre, so it was nice to visit a new place and see the beach! We did a Jet Ski Tour of the island...ended up being a jet ski free-for-all (really no tour). We did see dolphins, which was super neat while on a jet ski..... you are so close to them!
I love him!

JULY 4th!

Our July 4th consisted of a fun couple of days! Jimmy and Brittany Black were in town from Georgia, so we invited Nathan and Molly Cash down to spend the night (July 3rd).  Jimmy, Brittany, Chris and I went to Wild West and saw Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen me some Texas Country!
Then for lunch on July 4th we had Graham and Erin Musgrove (along with the Cashes) over and had grilled and fried fish that Nathan had caught was delicious.  :) After that we all rented a boat on Lake Waco and enjoyed the afternoon out on the lake...super super fun!!
The girls!

Cooling off in the lake...the best spot :)
Boy, has June and the beginning of July been filled with many fun times! The summer is going by too fast!! I have my first professional development with Midway tomorrow and I get to start moving all my stuff into my room on Tuesday!!!! So exciting! 

This weekend Chris spent all day Saturday and Sunday in Dallas with Motus (his cartoon thing).  We are both really excited to see what the future holds with his voice company--no more teaching for him! He is such a hard little worker :)

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  1. My husband grew up going to Lake Geneva all the time, too! What a small world! We were there over the 4th of July... how random! Love that you guys were there this summer too.