Thursday, June 30, 2011

6 days until the closing!

 Well folks, today was the day we started packing! I've been wanting to start packing for a few days now...but Chris has his way of talking me out of it! Who really wants to pack?! Definitely not me.  It seems like I've been packing a bunch lately...first my Waco apt and now Chris' house! But once this is done, then the fun part begins...finding a house & unpacking/decorating!

Today Chris conquered the ping pong table.  We needed to disassemble it or will not fit in the u-haul.  Look how organized all the parts are! He was one determined man.
While he was working on that, I started packing boxes... keep in mind this is only a few of them! :)
Our next project is disassembling this tomorrow...
Can't wait for this to be on the patio of our new home in Waco...which ever home that may be. :) We've been searching on different websites, such as and Hot Pads to see what houses are for sell in the Waco area.  We definitely have a list of houses we want to see, can't wait to see which one we like best! We do have a favorite and can't wait to see the inside of it.

Over this past weekend, the house got a new roof! If you read Chris' post about the pains of selling the house, you know the full story behind having to get a new roof to sell the house.

Chris is currently playing racquetball and when he gets back we are heading to trivia with Hank.  They've gotta get as many days of trivia in before we head down to Texas.  Ohhh and let me just say, last night they got 1st and I knew the answers to maybe 2 questions--Go ME!
Wish us (them..I am no help) luck!

Until next time,

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