Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yummmy BBQ Wings

Well, hello blogging world! I was quite leery on starting a blog because a) are people really that interested in what Chris and I are up to and b) I am no writer/English major.  But I decided that I should give it a try!

Today Chris and I, well more so Chris, ventured into making wings! On Sunday we went to the local Farmer's Market in Highlands Ranch and bought some delicious sweet and spicy bbq/wing sauce.  We intended on getting fresh strawberries, but ended up with bbq sauce and a new adventure of making wings.

We first boiled the wings for 15 minutes (I did that!) and then Chris put them on the grill and worked his magic with the sauce.
He is becoming the REAL griller!
Below is the almost finished product :)

They were so tasty---Way to go CHRIS!
I can't wait to see what else we decide to cook up! We've been pretty creative so far.

Until next time,

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