Friday, June 24, 2011

The BEST way to make money!

So over the past week or so, Chris and I have decided we needed to get rid of some bulky items that we don't want to move down to Tejas....we are trying to get away with just using a 6'x12' u-haul trailer. Craigslist was the first thing that came to mind.  Chris has bought/sold multiple things over Craigslist, so we have had a little bit of experience with this.  We listed the various items, thinking it may take 4-7 days, if not more,  for us to get rid of the the stuff....

Well let me just tell you in the past TWO days we have sold...
This desk for $50....Don't ask how it went when Chris and I moved it down stairs.  That's one BIG piece of furniture.
This keyboard/piano for $120.  This was much easier to move (thank goodness)!

These pieces of wicker for $30! We probably could have gotten more for it, but it's gone and that's the most important! 
And finally, this lovely chair for $20.

Chris did such a great job with setting up times for people to come get the items.  He had about 10 people email/text/call him about the was craziness!

Through out the craigslist dealings, we were able to fit in some fun things.  Last night, Chris took me to a place that had a spectacular view of the sun setting behind the mountains. It was so beautiful!

And today we went to the Littleton History Museum.  I think we were the only people there that did not have 3-4 kids running around them.  I'm not really into museums-but they did have a map of the US from that's old!

Thanks for stopping by! That's it for today :)


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